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Excel Training – Sample videos

On this page are some sample modules of either LIVE online learning sessions or samples of STUDIO recorded videos. Depending on the class you take, some of our LIVE online training sessions are recorded and available to participants after the training workshop as a refresher for a limited time after each session.

Video 1 – Specialty Charts Online Workshop – 6 Minute Extract from a two-hour Hands-on workshop. (LIVE recording)

Video 2 – A brief video on the Sumproduct function (Studio)
This short module introduces the concept of using the Sumproduct function to do conditional calculations. In this example the Sumproduct function and the Countif function are used together to calculate sales from repeat customers.


Video 3 – A brief video on an Introduction to Array Formulas (Studio)
This short module introduces what Array formulas are and suggests a way of understanding how Arrays are set up in memory.


Video 4 – The Quick Parts Feature in Microsoft Outlook
This video is a single lesson from our very popular Outlook Tips and Tricks course hosted on Udemy.com. The full course is available at Udemy.com/outlook-tips/  (Udemy.com is an independent training marketplace and not an affiliate of Avancer Learning Inc.)