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About Avancer Learning

Avancer Learning Inc is based in Toronto and has a Canada-wide presence in Online and On-site training. What began as a Corporate On-site Training service, has now morphed into a complete package of On-site, Online and On-demand courses.

Over a decade ago, Online Training became a part of Avancer’s line up of courses. Investing time and resources in technology and methods, over more than ten years and many hours of training, this has enabled an experience that is very close to in-person, classroom training and allows hands-on training with instructor interaction.

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Avancer Approach to Classroom Training

Trainers know how important it is for adults to have fun while attending  a training session. Unlike a self-directed learning exercise, classroom training sometimes reminds people of school or mandatory meetings. If a  facilitator can make the experience enjoyable, it leads to a more involved training experience, receptive mindsets, and collaborative learning.


Years of facilitation and training are reflected in the way these classes are designed. The teaching style and techniques used in class elicit strong engagement.

Avancer Learning’s training model incorporates these core ideas while teaching the technical and communication skills associated with Microsoft Office.


The Avancer Competition!mug1

Avancer Learning Inc’s training method uses a set of group competition exercises as a learning reinforcement tool.  These activities help:

  • Develop a collaborative learning atmosphere within small groups
  • Use group cohesiveness to encourage innovativeness and lateral thinking
  • Reinforce learned concepts through exercises and games


Competition in the classroom has become the hallmark of an Avancer Learning Inc workshop, whether in-house, at your company, or conducted through partner organizations.  It keeps the training fun, gives participants a safe environment for collaborating with others while striving for their personal best.

The testimonials on the clients page, reflect the high value that clients obtain from a methodology that encourages full engagement, even with highly technical topics!