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Frequently Asked Questions about our workshops

What is special about the I.T based workshops?

These workshops are not mere “software training” – they focus on the application end of things with the power and flexibility of the software being the backbone. There are a whole lot of things that working staff need, that mere software training alone will not accomplish. While we cover the power of the software a lot, the workshops focus more on getting everyday tasks and analytical problems done. So whether you’re looking to find a quick way to do a sensitivity analysis, build a creative report, or just get your monthly report out in less time, you’ll usually find an answer in these workshops.

How are the workshops structured?

Classroom Workshops

The classroom workshops are a mix of instruction, hands-on exercises and interactivity. IN addition to great content, the methodology used is unique – learning will be fun, and reinforced at several times during the workshop!  You can configure half-day, full-day and two-day workshops for classroom instruction.

Hands On – The participants actually work on the examples and solutions covered in the program at each stage. Participants are encouraged to bring their own spreadsheet files and collectively work out solutions to problems they might have encountered in their regular day-to-day work.

Personal attention – To the extent possible, personal attention is given to participants to ensure they grasp the techniques properly.

Online (currently offered only for the computer skills topics)

Online workshops are offered as two-hour modules spread over a series of sessions.

Avancer has a unique Online methodology. The workshops are carried out in much the same manner as a classroom, but with a few important differences. Other than the obvious differences of the online format – all the workshops are presented Live and in most of them the participants have practice files and the time to practice along with the instructor. Participants can ask questions, get answers and share their expertise as well.

Personal attention – Most participants report that the training feels personalized and very interactive and not the ‘impersonal’ experience they were expecting!

Are these programs only for companies and other organizations?

Currently Yes. In-house workshops for organizations is Avancer’s forte. Specialization has allowed Avancer to elevate the in-house training to an art-form.

In the computer skills area – It allows using examples and techniques that are pertinent to the audience and allows the instructor to focus more on training with an application orientation rather than a pedantic exploration of numerous software menus and working with academic examples that no one will use in practical work. It makes more sense for your team to know how to make a management presentation in a fraction of the time it would normally take them, or how to make a robust budget template that has checks and balances built-in, rather than a lengthy explanation of software menus.

In the soft skills arena – it makes more sense for a new presenter to focus on key principles that they can readily master and which apply to their individual skills, and so leapfrog their presentation skills into proficient strata rather than work through a compartmentalized narrative of presentation principles.

We may schedule a public workshop in the future depending on availability, and will announce it on our main page.