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Online Training FAQs

Hands-on Live Workshops

The following are some FAQs for the Hands-on Live Workshops conducted as open-group (Public) or closed-group (Corporate) customers.

How are these classes structured?
There is a reason we don’t call these classes “webinars”.  They are training workshops in an online format. Which means that you don’t just “listen” to a presenter but interact with the instructor and actually work HANDS-ON with the instructor.
What materials will be provided?
Usually participants get a copy of the presentation material in the form of a PDF file which contains the instructor’s slides as well as notes and flowcharts detailing out formulas, processes and other concepts. In addition participants get a file (or files) of practice data that they can use for hands-on practice during the workshop. Both these files are available for download when participants login to the workshop and can also be accessed a week prior to the workshop when we send the login link for the workshop.
How will attendance be recorded?
When a participant logs in to the workshop, the system captures the duration of attendance. Later if a letter of participation is required, we will furnish that on request .
What software is required?
Generally participants will need a copy of the software that is listed as the topic of the workshop. Usually the course description will always specify what version of the software will be used by the instructor and whether participants can use other versions without loss of functionality
What are the System requirements?
  • Essential: Computer with broadband access and a headset or speakers
  • Internet Browser – Internet explorer 9 or later, Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari are all compatible.
  • Essential: Working copy of the software being demonstrated (for hands-on workshops). For most workshops “Starter Edition” is NOT adequate. Please ensure you have a full working copy so as to be able to try out the examples.
  • Recommended: Two screen setup – one for watching the workshop and the other to practice along with the instructor. If you do not have two screens, you can press ALT-TAB to shift between the workshop screen and your own practice file, or you can tile your windows on one screen.
Can participants test their system in advance?
The workshops are conducted through GoToTraining and one can test system compatibility by joining a dummy session here https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/804996597

What kind of Audio set up do participants need?
Usually a headset or speakers will suffice. A microphone is not needed for these workshops. Participants may also use a telephone to dial in for the audio.
How does one connect audio through the telephone.
When participants sign in to the workshop, they can access the audio settings on the right side of the screen wherein the telephone dial-in number and an Audio PIN will be displayed. Phone charges may be charged by your telephone service provider as this is not a toll-free number.
Can participants switch email addresses if working from home?
Generally participants should use the same email address to join the workshop as the one in which they receive their login credentials. If a class is a full class, or if it is a closed-group workshop, the system will automatically reject any email address that was not used during registration.
Will participants be able to view the workshop later?
Yes participants will have access to the workshop recording within 24 hours of the workshop. The recording will generally be available for two weeks from the date of the workshop.
If participants are unable to attend will they be able to view the recording?
Well that actually depends on how we charge you. For open-group workshops generally the recording will be accessible by the number of seats paid for, plus any free seats issued. For closed group workshops, the recording will be accessible to all registered attendees whether they attend or not.
Will I be able to interact with the instructor?
Sure. Our workshops are highly interactive and you can ask questions and participate in questions, work along with the instructor and get help troubleshooting examples.
How is my privacy protected?
Our workshops give you the advantage of a classroom atmosphere yet protect your privacy. While you may be participating in a class of 24 participants, only the instructor can see the questions you ask or the answers you submit through the online chat. This way you can feel free to answer any question or ask any question no matter how advanced or basic it may sound. Webcams are not enabled during the workshop.