EXCEL: Advanced Excel Functions and Formulas (4 hrs) – 12 pm Toronto, 9 am Vancouver, 10 am Calgary

Course No: RHWE-1223

Format: HANDS-ON ONLINE WORKSHOP. This is a Live Workshop with an Instructor. Participants will work hands-on on practice data, and interact with an instructor online.

Duration: 4 Hours. 2 sessions of 2 hours each with a 1/2 hour break in between. Participants will work on examples hands-on with the instructor


PRICE & BOOKING: Regular Price @ $179.99 per person. Discounts available for Organizational or Group booking (mention group booking in the registration form alongside)

What will be covered

  • Revision of the concept of Range Names and the use of names in formulas – Gain a solid understanding of why Range Names are so important to master and how they form the foundation to some of Excel’s sophisticated Power Tools.
  • Understand complex formulas for slicing and dicing data using powerful functions like the SUMPRODUCT function and combining simple and complex criteria to get summaries from business data. Get conditional summaries using a variety of criteria that you can string together into a query.  Explore when and why you would prefer the Sumproduct over other similar functions.
  • Understand the concept of rolling calculations for rolling reports, moving forecasts, rolling sales plans, trailing month reports and other dynamic calculations. Learn the use of the OFFSET function and how it creates dynamic selections that can be used for rolling reports and calculations
  • Learn about ARRAY formulas and ARRAY CONSTANTS and how they are different from Range formulas. Explore Excel’s newest DYNAMIC ARRAYS for those using Office365. Learn about Single and Multi-cell Array formulas using a variety of functions like IF, COUNTIF, VLOOKUP, IFERROR and more.
  • Learn some useful Tips and Tricks in troubleshooting formulas
  • Interact with the Instructor, get your questions answered, download and work hands-on with the instructor on real-life examples using real-life business simulated data

What’s Included

  • Live instruction, interaction and course instruction during the workshop
  • One or more files filled with practice data and examples
  • One or more PDF files with course notes
  • Links to view the recording for one month after the workshop

Important Instructions:
• Office 365 will be used in the workshop demonstration. Participants are welcome to use older versions, but significant differences may exist and where possible the instructor will mention suitable workarounds. Microsoft Office Starter Edition will not be adequate.


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Aug 11 2020


12:00 pm - 4:30 pm




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