Excel: Powerful Charts with Office 365 – Waterfall, Pareto, Treemap, Maps and more – 1 pm Toronto, 11 am Calgary, 10 am Vancouver

Course No: CHTW-0304

Format: HANDS-ON ONLINE WORKSHOP. This is a Live Workshop with an Instructor. Participants will work hands-on on practice data, and interact with an instructor online.

Duration: 2 Hours.

PRICE & BOOKING: Individual Registrations @ $90 per person. Organizational or Group booking of 3 or more participants will receive 20% off.  Contact us

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Exploring new Chart types and their uses
    1. Waterfall charts – for financial flows
    2. Treemap charts – for breakdown of costs
    3. Sunburst charts – for showing relationships
    4. Pareto charts and histograms
  • Understanding how to use Map charts 
  • Introducing chart templates for reusing often-used charts
  • Introducing other chart improvements from version 2013+
    1. Label ranges and their use in XY charts
    2. Callouts and other enhancements

Important Instructions:
• Office 365 will be used in the workshop demonstration. Participants are welcome to use older versions, but some differences may exist. Microsoft Office Starter Edition will not be adequate.



Nov 26 2020


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm




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