WORD:-Powerful Tips and Techniques to manage your documents effectively

Course No: MWOW-1450

Format: HANDS-ON ONLINE WORKSHOP. This is a Live Workshop with an Instructor. Participants will work hands-on on practice data, and interact with an instructor online.

Duration: 2 Hours in 1 module of 2 hours. Participants will work on examples hands-on with the instructor

PRICE & BOOKING: Individual Registrations @ $60 per person. Discounts available for Organizational or Group booking.  Contact us

Key Learning Outcomes

• Quick Parts – using document Fields – date, time, filename, and Auto-text for quick insertion into documents
• Working with outlines and styles – using outlines for formatting and for generating Table of contents
• Understand the power of Outlines and Themes in making a visually consistent document
• Paste Linking tabular data from Excel into word while maintaining links yet retaining the visual consistency of your Word document.
• Explore the power of Document fields and how they can enhance the quality and consistency of your documents – for auto-updating section headers, auto-numbering fields, and much more.
• Plenty of other shortcuts, tips and tricks to greatly enhance your productivity and the quality of your reports and documents

Important Instructions
• Version 2013 will be used in the demonstration of techniques of this workshop. Microsoft Office Starter Edition will not be adequate.

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Apr 24 2020


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm




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