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Microsoft Excel – On-site Training

Hands-on Excel Workshops at your location

Our Microsoft Excel workshops are designed to address your teams’ needs and proficiency levels. Content incorporates our latest learning about techniques, applications and advances in spreadsheet development.

Customizable Workshops to suit every need: 

Excel Fundamentals - 1/2 Day Beginner Workshop

A Beginners course - most suitable where staff has minimal or basic exposure to Excel. This course will bring participants up to an Intermediate level in 3.5 hours. Also very effective for bringing groups of new entrants up to the organization standard. 

Key Topics include: Productivity in spreadsheet management, Formulas and Formula References, Introduction to Functions, Beginning with Function based formulas, Formatting, Auto series, Output, Tips and Tricks

Customizable: Partial
Duration: 3.5 hours
Level: Beginner

Full Course Outline

Building good Foundations & Understanding Data

  1. Examining the Excel Interface – Toolbars and Menus
  2. Understanding different kinds of cell selections
  3. Mouse Actions for speedy copying, selecting, erasing
  4. Understanding Data Types
  5. Working with Numbers and Understanding Number Formatting

Working with Formulas. Building good formulas and introduction to Functions

  1. Exploring data referencing, referencing constants, correctly using arithmetical operators
  2. How to Copy Formulas and Copy Values
  3. Good practice in cell referencing – Relative and Absolute References
  4. Linking data and building formulas across spreadsheets
  1. Introduction to Functions and the function library buttons
  2. Introducing key functions – Sum, Min, Max, Average and a few others.
  3. Introducing the IF function – one of the most used functions in Excel

Putting it together - tips, tricks, output

  1. Understanding Paste-Special
  2. Understanding AutoFill
  3. Managing Output - Print or PDF

Accelerated Intermediate Excel - 1/2 Day Workshop

This is an intensive course that is designed to give participants a focused grounding in the most widely used analysis and reporting formulas and tools. 

Key Topics include: ,Managing Data inconsistencies, Dynamic Data, Conditional and Lookup Formulas, Pivot Tables (Int), Tips and Tricks for Productivity.

Customizable: Partial
Duration: 3.5 hours
Level: Intermediate


Full Course Outline:

  • Understand data types, and the options for handling dates, times and other kinds of data, and how to use them in formulae – learn tools like Text to Column for managing data inconsistency, and functions to clean up data
  • Understand the newer TABLE feature and its importance as a dynamic dataset for manually entered as well as queried data
  • Introducing important Functions – The COUNTIF and SUMIF functions for conditional calculations
  • Understand the VLOOKUP Function (Intermediate Applications only) for extracting information and merging tables
  • Working with PIVOT TABLES
    1. Maintaining Data discipline
    2. Creating Pivot Tables
    3. Manipulating Pivot Table Fields
    4. Pivot Table tips and tricks for effective work
  • Tips and Tricks for reporting and speedy working – keyboard shortcuts, Printing techniques, and more (spread over all modules)

Focus on Functions and Formulas - 1/2 Day Advanced Level Workshop

This is an concentrated course of some of the most advanced formula techniques and application of functions in complex formulas for analysis and dynamic reporting. It is intended for those who have a high degree of proficiency in Excel.

NOTE: This course is also available as a Full day course on request. See Full Course Outline below for details.

Key Topics include: Advanced Lookups, Error Trapping, Rolling and Dynamic Formulas, Slicing and Dicing of Data, Understanding Logic, Array Formulas

Customizable: Partial
Duration: 3.5 hours
Level: Advanced


Full Course Outline


  • Using names and useful techniques with names for building complex formulas easily and effectively
  • Understand complex formulas using functions like Sumproduct, Offset, and many more
  • Using Logical functions together with conditional functions for useful ways to analyze data
  • Learn about handling errors efficiently in Lookup-based formulas.
  • Explore the power of Array formulas for amazing flexibility in complex analysis and summarization of data
  • Understand how to build interactivity and conditional elements into your spreadsheets

NOTE: This course is also available as a full day course on request

Optional Add-ons for Full Day Course:

  • Explore large dataset analysis through structured query building and D-functions
  • Explore advanced formulas with Index Arrays
  • Move towards automated reporting with re-routing of formulas
  • Learn how to use Structured Referencing with Excel Tables
  • Use formula rules with spreadsheet tools for visual analysis
  • Using formula rules with charting applications

Advanced Techniques with Pivot Tables - 1/2 Day Workshop

A High-intensive course that is aimed at participants who have a working knowledge of Excel and have at least some familiarity with creating and reporting with Pivot Tables. It is an ideal course for anyone working with large amounts of dynamic data.

Key Topics include: ,Managing Pivot Tables, Field Analysis, Field Manipulation, Formula Fields, Analytical Techniques, Using the Data Model, Data Relationships, Pivot Table Tips and Tricks.

Customizable: Partial
Duration: 3.5 hours
Level: Advanced


Full Course Outline

Quick refresher on Dynamic Data Sets, Creating Pivot Tables, Field Manipulation, Table Options, Table filters, Auto sort and filter.

Building multi-tiered Pivot Tables and exploring more options in field manipulation including drilling to details, and value field summarization options

Adjusting Pivot Tables for reporting requirements using techniques like Field Grouping, Date field grouping, Table and field filters

Exploring the use of  Grouping with field summarizations together with Pivot Charts for powerful analysis

Working with formula fields in Pivot Tables using Calculated fields and Calculated Items for powerful analysis of summarized data

Understanding the Data Model in version 2013+ and how to make Pivot Tables from multiple related datasets using Data Relationships (version 2013+ only)

Many more tips and tricks including GETPIVOTDATA references, Filter Pages, Connected Slicers and more, to make the most of Pivot Tables in your spreadsheet.

Intermediate Excel - Full Day Workshop

This workshop is designed to give such users a good grounding in a broad range of features and techniques that includes productivity techniques in data management, building robust analytical formulas, lookup formulas, using Pivot Tables, effective charting techniques, and professional reports.

Key Topics include: Data Management, Creating and Reporting with Pivot Tables, Conditional and Lookup Formulas, Nested Formulas, Effective Business Charting, Object Linking, Conditional Formatting, Tips and Tricks.

Customizable: Highly
Duration: 7 hours
Level: Intermediate


Full Course Outline:

  • Learn techniques for linking data and data interchange across data files
  • Learn how to Group Sheets for simultaneous data entry, formatting, editing, find & replace and more
  • Understand data types, and the options for handling dates, times and other kinds of data, and how to use them in formulae
  • Learn how sheet protection can help you build spreadsheets which allow user input in selected areas while protecting formulas and other linked cells
  • Learn about building large formulas with nesting of functions like nested IFs, and considerations of formula economy and efficiency for robust and stable formulas
  • Learn how to use key functions like Sumif, Countif, Sumifs, Vlookup, Date functions, Time functions,  and others to summarize data effectively and build useful spreadsheet tables
  • Learn how to create PIVOT TABLES from raw data and how to manipulate them using a variety of report and field manipulation options - Report filters, field filters, subtotals, tools, formatting, multi-level tables and table options.
  • Building professional charts – key concepts in making building and formatting charts well
  • Explore Conditional formatting for reports that add that extra bit of professionalism
  • Many other productivity tips, tricks, techniques and speed shortcuts that can increase your speed and output significantly.

Advanced Excel - Full Day Workshop

This workshop is designed to give participants an accelerated understanding of how to use several features of Excel in combination, and so perform a variety of highly complex reporting and analytical tasks with ease.

Note: This training is also available in a Two-day Excel Immersion version. See details in full course outline below

Key Topics include: Data Management; Data Cleanup with Text Functions; Using Dynamic Data; Advanced Pivot Table Techniques; Advanced Formulas with Lookups, Math, Logical and Information functions; Rolling Reports and Calculations; Introduction to Array formulas;  Tips and Tricks.

Customizable: Highly
Duration: 7 hours
Level: Advanced


Full Course Outline: 

  • Data Management with Data Tools, Date and Time Functions
  • Data cleanup using Text functions - Value, Trim, Numbervalue, Substitute, and more
  • Creating dynamic datasets and exploring structured referencing
  • Advanced formula techniques using Names, Interactivity in formulas, Creative referencing.
  • Introduction to Array formulas and Array constants
  • Exploring key functions for various Lookup, Slicing and Rolling calculations - Vlookup, Match, Sumproduct, Offset, Indirect (time dependent)
  • Powerful Pivot Table techniques that explore interesting ways to analyze data that include powerful field manipulations and different ways to summarize data, Pivot Table tips and tricks.
  • Get plenty of productivity and quality Tips and Tricks on printing, spreadsheet building, keyboard shortcuts, and discover other little-known tricks.
  • Many other functions will be explored depending on context and discussions.

What options are available for customizing?

  • Data Analysis with What-if Tools - Data-Table, Scenario Manager, Goal Seek
  • Business Charting - Advanced Charting techniques
  • Custom Numbers and Templates
  • Financial Functions
  • Custom Data Validation Techniques
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting for Analysis
  • Data Consolidation
  • Querying external data from Access and other databases
  • Introduction to PowerPivot and the Data Model (2013+)

Note: These add-on items are also available as a second day of training. Ask about our combined price for a two-day Excel Immersion Training.

Advanced Excel Charts and Dashboards - Full Day Workshop

This workshop focuses on various powerful features in Excel to make powerful charts, build non-standard custom charts, slice large datasets, build management dashboards, bring interactivity to spreadsheets, and introduce the concept of conditionality in charts

Note: This training may also be split into parts. See details in full course outline below

Key Topics include: Core concepts in charting, building advanced non-standard charts, working with primary and secondary data, setting up dashboards, creating custom templates, exploring new chart types like 3D charts, maps and more.

Customizable: Partial
Duration: 7 hours
Level: Advanced


Full Course Outline: 

  • Explore critical concepts in chart selection and development for effectiveness in charting
  • Effective data configuration for creating non-standard charts – benchmark charts, thermometers, pictorial charts, Advanced Gantt charts, ring charts, waterfall charts, and more
  • Combine key functions like Sumproduct, with data validation, for data slicing and creating interactive secondary dashboard tables
  • Learn creative dashboard concepts by creating a dashboard of various charts, sparklines, and numerical data, with professional look and feel
  • Combine annotations, functions and formulas for charts that display conditional elements based on decision rules
  • Explore some of the newer chart types in Excel version 2016+ like heirarchy charts, waterfall charts, Maps and 3D charts.
  • Many more tips and tricks in chart development and dashboard creation

What options are available for splitting this into parts?

This workshop can be split into two parts and combined with other workshops like PowerPoint or other Excel workshops as follows:

  • Part 1 - All about Advanced Charting Techniques - creating and customizing non-standard charts, creative charts, and conditional charts, and developing reusable templates from them
  • Part 2 - All about Dashboarding - working with large datasets, slicing data with formulas, building interactivity into dashboards, linking of Dashboards across Office applications. (Knowledge of chart creation is assumed)

What Clients are saying about these workshops

Chartwell Retirement Residences

We contracted with Paul to conduct two days of training one week apart and cover all levels of Excel. He customized the program for us and we were very impressed with the handouts and preloaded excel sheets to work on. Paul made the days interesting and the feedback from the attendees was excellent! This was quite an accomplishment as most of the participants use Excel for specific reporting purposes and Paul was able to pull it together for everyone. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone thinking of Excel training, these sessions were excellent!  Director of Operations, Merit Loyalty Services, Mississauga.

Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

Paul is a pleasure to work with, his knowledge is very in-depth and he delivers his content to make it extremely interesting and engaging. Paul is passionate in his teaching, and displays great enthusiasm. Director, Professional Development Institute, Certified Management Accountants of Ontario.


“We organized with Avancer Learning Inc to conduct two workshops for our finance departments: A workshop on Excel for analysis and reporting and another one on Data-driven PowerPoint presentations with emphasis on advanced charting techniques.

Participants from both groups reported that these were some of the best sessions they experienced on the topic. They found the content very helpful and relevant and they all thought the instructor was fantastic.  His style made for easy learning and an interesting day.” Senior Relationship Manager, Learning & Performance Consulting, Canadian Banking Human Resources  – Scotiabank. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario

“Paul Mascarenhas regularly conducts Excel and Microsoft Office courses for CPA Ontario both in both Classroom workshop and Online live webinar format.  Our members report a very high degree of applicability of his courses, backed by real-life working experience. He is easily one of our highest rated instructors , with a style that makes complex subjects easy to understand. Overall, his courses rate an average of 4.4 on a 5 point scale.[including online courses]

His programs are high quality are always updated with the latest information, and Paul can be relied on to manage event dynamics without incident. From an organizer’s perspective, my team and I can rely on the participant experience being of excellent when our members participate in one of his programs. Paul is very flexible when to scheduling programs, which makes is a pleasure to work with him.”  Director of Professional Development March 2016, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, Toronto. Ontario, Canada.

Vision7 International / Cossette Communication

We organized with Avancer Learning Inc. customized Excel workshops for our finance/ operations team. The workshops addressed many issues we needed in our work and of all the workshops I have attended, this was perhaps one of the best in terms of content and methodology of training. Paul is the best coach for learning how to get the best out of Excel. Vice President, Business Finance and Administration, Vision7 International, a holding Company for Cossette Communication, Cossette Media, Jungle Media, Dare Digital, Elvis Communications, Citizen Optimum PR, and Impact Research

CGI Group Inc

Paul from Avancer Learning Inc customized and conducted a one-day Excel workshop for us. We found the training skills, methodology and content to be very valuable to the finance team. He is an excellent instructor and is extremely knowledgeable in Excel. Manager, Financial Business Services (FBS) Canada, CGI Group Inc. 

CIBC Rewards Center

We contracted with Paul to conduct two days of training one week apart and cover all levels of Excel. He customized the program for us and we were very impressed with the handouts and preloaded excel sheets to work on. Paul made the days interesting and the feedback from the attendees was excellent! This was quite an accomplishment as most of the participants use Excel for specific reporting purposes and Paul was able to pull it together for everyone. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone thinking of Excel training, these sessions were excellent!  Director of Operations, Merit Loyalty Services, Mississauga.

Department of National Defence, Canada

Paul customized an in-house Excel workshop for intermediate Excel users. His thorough knowledge of Excel is impressive and he is master in creating an active learning environment. He is not only knowledgeable and informative; he has the real world experience to understand user’s needs. I would highly recommend Paul for Excel training. Director of Costing Services, Department of National Defence, Canadian Forces, Ottawa.

Ministry of Natural Resources Canada

Paul customized a workshop on Advanced Charts and Effective Data Presentation with Excel and PowerPoint for us as an in-house workshop. The training was delivered in an engaging manner and Paul’s mastery of the many aspects of Excel allowed him to respond to all questions that we had, even those well beyond the specific area covered by the training session. Organizer, AECL Restructuring Group, Ministry of Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa.

Sienna Senior Living

“We conducted an Advanced Excel and an Outlook Efficiency workshop with Avancer Learning Inc for our finance staff. The course built upon real-world knowledge and experience to make it relevant and useful. Our participants found the methodology of training to be very good and easy to replicate for their work. ” Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Sienna Senior Living, Markham.

Mitel Networks Corporation

Despite varying levels of abilities, all participants learned both new tools in Excel and how to use Excel more efficiently (short-cuts, etc…). We received positive feedback from all participants. We thought the knowledge and background of the instructor was excellent. Director Finance, Mitel Networks Corporation, Kanata.

Allstate Insurance

My group found [the session] helpful as we often download data from other databases/legacy systems and these are exactly the issues we encounter. Manager at Allstate Insurance, Markham. [Live online training webinar regarding techniques to increase efficiency in data management in Excel]

North Edge Properties Ltd

“We conducted a series of Excel workshops with Avancer Learning Inc. Our participants found the content to be extremely relevant and the real-world examples to be of practical use. The instructor was able to propose solutions well beyond the planned curriculum. The extensive excel training that we obtained from Avancer Learning Inc. improved the process of our property financial analysis and reporting” Controller, North Edge Properties Ltd., Toronto.

Canadian Tire Corporation

Avancer Learning Inc conducted an Excel and a PowerPoint workshop for us. Our participants reported excellent feedback for the content, methodology and the way Paul paced the class to the class skill level. Additionally Paul’s flexibility and willingness to make further customizations suggested by our participants is appreciated. AVP Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Canadian Tire Corporation.

McCann Canada

Paul from Avancer Learning Inc. customized an Excel workshop for the finance team at our Toronto office. The workshop addressed Excel capabilities of the team that directly impacted their work. Paul shared tips and suggestions in Excel, to improve the speed and efficiency of the team. Paul’s knowledge and experience of various Excel tools and functions makes a complex topic easy to understand and a fun learning experience.  Chief Financial Officer. Toronto.

Key reasons to choose our Excel training

Corporate Training Specialists
  • Our proprietary Avancer Classroom Methodology fosters start-to-finish engagement and knowledge reinforcement. Read more about our methodology here
  • We’re focused on results for you! Training isn’t complete until your objectives are met.
  • We expertly manage logistics, delivering peace-of-mind to training coordinators and outstanding experiences to your team.
Exceptional Training Content
  • Our training materials are up-to-date with new solutions and software changes.
  • Our hands-on learning environment facilitates repeated practice with real-life examples.
  • Practice tasks emphasize application to actual business issues.
Delivering Good Value
  • We use flat-rate pricing for full-day or half-day sessions for a clearly stated maximum participation. No surprise costs on your invoice.
  • We offer adjusted rates for small groups, registered charities, and non-profits
  • We feature discounted rates for multi-day and volume bookings