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Microsoft PowerPoint – On-site Training

PowerPoint feature imageHands-on PowerPoint Workshops at your location

Our Microsoft PowerPoint training workshops are perhaps one of the most unique offerings available. These workshops are designed with the experience of years of consulting work in communications and design. Our workshops go beyond the obvious and we designed them to help give you the edge in terms of productivity and professionalism. All our workshops are hands-on and customizable to suit your needs.

Customizable Workshops to suit every need: 

Essential PowerPoint - 1/2 Day Intermediate-Advanced Workshop

This course is best suited for those who have some experience with PowerPoint and understand the basics of creating and using slides manually. It is especially suitable for those who need to create professional slide decks and make presentations at short notice as well as those who use slide decks as printed reports. 

Key Topics include: Productivity in developing slide decks, Conforming to Corporate Identity Guidelines, Working with Tables and Charts, Editing Tips and Tricks, Smart Art, Masters, Templates, Tips and Tricks

Customizable: Partial
Duration: 3.5 hours
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Full Course Outline

Key Techniques in efficiency – Productivity and quality in focus

  • Understanding masters, templates and presentation outlines, and using these techniques together for distributed effort in presentation development while maintaining consistent design and identity
  • Create presentations quickly - work with Outlines for building content-heavy presentations rapidly – develop professional looking presentations in minutes if you have your content ready.
  • Efficiency in inserting files from external sources – like Excel documents, Tables, and spreadsheets to embed and interact with
  • Productivity techniques in developing presentation structure, editing, distributing content across multiple slides – speed up deck development

Key Techniques in effectiveness – Add strength to your presentation while maintaining professionalism

  • Working with Smart Art – using the new Smart Art feature with outlines for quick and professional business diagrams
  • Create Linked dynamic presentations that update when the data they reference from spreadsheets changes.
  • Working with views, shows and sections – using your presentation as a printed report – managing the look and the dissemination of varying pages to different recipients

Productivity module – Tips, Tricks and Techniques to increase your speed while working with slide decks

  • Powerful Keyboard shortcuts for editing a presentation
  • Powerful Keyboard shortcuts while presenting – make your presentation seamless
  • Using multiple monitors and the presenter-view

Data Focused Presentations with PowerPoint & Excel - One Day Workshop

This is a course that is designed with data-intensive presentations in mind. It combines key charting and data techniques in Excel with the power of embedding, linking and data animation in PowerPoint. Ideal for financial, strategic, and sales presentations.

Key Topics include: Data and Information concepts, Key charting concepts, Object linking, Data Linking, Embedded data, Organizing data for presentations, Building data-intensive presentations, animation, tips and tricks

Customizable: Partial
Duration: 7 hours
Level: Advanced

Full Course Outline:

  • Understanding object linking and embedding and how linking can take place both to PowerPoint and from PowerPoint. Create Linked dynamic presentations that update when the data they reference from spreadsheets changes.
  • Excel: Effective visual data presentation using advanced charting techniques in Excel - things you can do in Excel to make your charts data stand out and be more presentation oriented.
    • Charts that combine a conventional chart with informational graphical annotations
    • Adding conditionality to charts for flagging decision rules
    • Linking multiple Excel graphs or objects to PowerPoint as one object
  • Learning how to make data-referenced flowcharts and drawings in Excel and introduce them into PowerPoint
  • Working with Tables – deciding on Excel or PowerPoint for creating, managing and formatting Tables for a Presentation
  • Formatting techniques for consistency in visual formats across spreadsheet data and PowerPoint slides – understanding the Presentation Theme (template) and how it affects all Office documents
  • Inserting external objects and documents into the presentation and using object actions to activate or edit objects during a presentation show (for onscreen presentations only)
  • Many more tips and tricks for efficiencies in slide deck creation and creating effective business visuals for presentations and reports
  • Extras - Short discussion and Instructor demonstration of:
    • A brief look at advanced techniques in managing notes and the notes master to understand the potential for data-heavy presentations and reports
    • Short Discussion and Demonstration on using PowerPoint animation to introduce chart and tabular data gradually (applies to onscreen presentations)

Comprehensive PowerPoint - One Day Intermediate-Advanced Course

This is a concentrated course that covers a broad range of enabling topics in Presentation slide deck development and delivery. It is intended for those who do a lot of slide deck development and includes topics on handling graphics and multimedia.

Key Topics include: Creating presentations quickly, understanding design concepts, manipulating templates and themes, graphics management, multimedia, narrations, animation, presentation delivery, and many more powerful tips and tricks.

Customizable: Full
Duration: 7 hours
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Full Course Outline

  • Productivity techniques in developing presentation content -  editing, distributing content across multiple slides, reusing content from presentations  – speed up deck development
  • Understanding the multiple masters and how they affect slide deck development – help maintain visual and corporate identity consistency, consistency in compiling from distributed presentation development, creating and saving templates for reuse etc.
  • Create Linked dynamic presentations that update when the data they reference from spreadsheets changes.
  • Managing linked content – changing data source and breaking links while saving archive copies
  • Working with embedded data objects instead of linked objects -  spreadsheet files, word documents, pdf files and others
  • Leveraging the Notes page for reporting purposes – creating linked content on notes pages and modifying notes templates to suit reporting formats
  • Using text outlines with the new smart art feature for business diagrams and flow charts for use in business documents, reports and presentations
  • Creating handouts – creating linked handouts in Word with the slide image linked to PowerPoint slide deck
  • Techniques for developing professional non-linear presentations through action settings and hyperlinking
  • Learning the graphics processing tools and how to use them to enhance the quality and design of photographs and other graphics in your presentation.
  • Using animation to emphasize content and present information in interesting ways and drive your point home without making your presentation look frivolous
  • Many more tips, tricks and advanced techniques in presentation design, protection, and delivery depending on time available

Optional Add-ons - The following points are optional and can replace any of the other topics or added on if time allows

  1. Managing Video and Audio on your slides and self-narration options for building narrated voice-over presentations
  2. Using the speaker notes and the multiple monitor presenters view while presenting, for flawless delivery cued from notes


What Clients are saying about these workshops

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario

“Paul Mascarenhas regularly conducts Excel and Microsoft Office courses for CPA Ontario both in both Classroom workshop and Online live webinar format.  Our members report a very high degree of applicability of his courses, backed by real-life working experience. He is easily one of our highest rated instructors , with a style that makes complex subjects easy to understand. Overall, his courses rate an average of 4.4 on a 5 point scale.[including online courses]

His programs are high quality are always updated with the latest information, and Paul can be relied on to manage event dynamics without incident. From an organizer’s perspective, my team and I can rely on the participant experience being of excellent when our members participate in one of his programs. Paul is very flexible when to scheduling programs, which makes is a pleasure to work with him.”  Director of Professional Development March 2016, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, Toronto. Ontario, Canada.

Canadian Tire Corporation

Avancer Learning Inc conducted an Excel and a PowerPoint workshop for us. Our participants reported excellent feedback for the content, methodology and the way Paul paced the class to the class skill level. Additionally Paul’s flexibility and willingness to make further customizations suggested by our participants is appreciated. AVP Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Canadian Tire Corporation.


“We organized with Avancer Learning Inc to conduct two workshops for our finance departments: A workshop on Excel for analysis and reporting and another one on Data-driven PowerPoint presentations with emphasis on advanced charting techniques.

Participants from both groups reported that these were some of the best sessions they experienced on the topic. They found the content very helpful and relevant and they all thought the instructor was fantastic.  His style made for easy learning and an interesting day.” Senior Relationship Manager, Learning & Performance Consulting, Canadian Banking Human Resources  – Scotiabank. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Asians Without Borders

Paul from Avancer Learning provided a great session on “How to Present to Executives”. The topic drew great interest from our members and we had a full house, with standing room only. Paul’s hands-on approach allowed AWB members to immediately put in practice what they had learned. The interactive session was informative, applicable, and fun; the hallmarks of a truly valuable event Vice President Marketing, Asians Without Borders, Toronto 

Ryerson University

[The session on] ” Presenting a technical concept to an executive team” – Key concepts in persuasive communication, with examples and activities – was most exemplary, insightful and helpful to the audience of approximately 100 final year students, many of whom have had relevant work experiences at major corporations through our 12-16 month industrial internship program. Professor and Internship Program Coordinator, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Ryerson University, Toronto. [Extract from letter]

Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

Paul is a pleasure to work with, his knowledge is very in-depth and he delivers his content to make it extremely interesting and engaging. Paul is passionate in his teaching, and displays great enthusiasm. Director, Professional Development Institute, Certified Management Accountants of Ontario.

Ministry of Natural Resources Canada

Paul customized a workshop on Advanced Charts and Effective Data Presentation with Excel and PowerPoint for us as an in-house workshop. The training was delivered in an engaging manner and Paul’s mastery of the many aspects of Excel allowed him to respond to all questions that we had, even those well beyond the specific area covered by the training session. Organizer, AECL Restructuring Group, Ministry of Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa.

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