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Training System

Trainers know how important it is for adults to have fun while attending  a training session. Unlike a self-directed learning exercise, classroom training sometimes reminds people of school or mandatory meetings. If a  facilitator can make the experience enjoyable, it leads to a more involved training experience, receptive mindsets, and collaborative learning.

The Avancer Classroom Method.

Avancer Learning Inc has an effective training methodology developed over years of classroom training experience, knowing what works and what doesn’t, and creative methods of participant engagement.

Avancer Learning Inc.’s training model is based on several core ideas around the way adults approach learning and assimilate new concepts – ideas are based on years of conducting classroom training in technical and soft skills.

The Avancer Competition!mug1

Avancer Learning Inc’s training method uses a proprietary set of group competition exercises as a learning reinforcement tool that is based on these goals and concepts:

  • Develop a collaborative learning atmosphere within a small group
  • Use group cohesiveness to encourage innovativeness and lateral thinking
  • Build in mechanisms to allow individual brilliance to shine through and be recognized
  • Games and exercises should reinforce learned concepts


Competition in the classroom has become the hallmark of an Avancer Learning Inc workshop. Whether you attend one of our workshops,  in-house at your company, or attend one of the many workshops we conduct in partnership with partner organizations – you will find the Avancer Learning Inc Competition a key ingredient to an effective learning experience – where participants get to learn within the relative safety of a team, yet have avenues for individual expression should they want to. And of course, we make it a lot of fun too. Browse our testimonials and see how our clients appreciate that our methodology brings full engagement to even the most technical topic!