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The Avancer Approach to Training

Trainers know how important it is for adults to have fun while attending  a training session. Unlike a self-directed learning exercise, classroom training sometimes reminds people of school or mandatory meetings. If a  facilitator can make the experience enjoyable, it leads to a more involved training experience, receptive mindsets, and collaborative learning.

The Avancer Classroom Method.

Our years of facilitation and training are reflected in the way our classes are designed. We understand the types of challenges and questions participants need to address. The teaching styles and techniques we use in class elicit strong engagement.

Adults approach learning differently than children.

  • They are more focused on:
    • relevancy – why is this important?
    • practical application – how will I use this at work?
    • goals of lessons – what should I learn from this?
  • They are more collaborative.
  • They bring their life experiences into the learning environment.

Avancer Learning’s training model incorporates these core ideas as we teach the technical and communication skills associated with Microsoft Office.

The Avancer Competition!mug1

Competition is an inherent part of our lives:

  • Wanting to outperform business competitors.
  • Wanting to exceed sales objectives and achieve higher bonuses.
  • Striving to surpass personal goals for various areas of our lives.

Avancer Learning Inc’s training method uses a proprietary set of group competition exercises as a learning reinforcement tool.  These activities help us:

  • Develop a collaborative learning atmosphere within small groups
  • Use group cohesiveness to encourage innovativeness and lateral thinking
  • Allow individual brilliance to shine through and be recognized
  • Reinforce learned concepts through exercises and games


Competition in the classroom has become the hallmark of an Avancer Learning Inc workshop, whether in-house, at your company, or conducted through partner organizations.  We keep the competition fun, giving teams a safe environment for collaborating with others while striving for their personal best.

The testimonials on our clients page, reflect the high value that our clients obtain from a methodology that encourages full engagement, even with highly technical topics!