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The Avancer Promise.

Last minute meetings interfering with your scheduled course?

Sudden Travel keeping you away from a class?

Not sure you can spare the time?

We’ve got you covered! 

Cancel at any time up until an hour before the class begins for a full refund. Or request access to the on-demand recording with 50% refund.


Worried about proficiency – Not sure if the course level is a good fit?

Rest assured!

Once you join the workshop; you can request a full refund if you decide to leave any time within an hour of the workshop scheduled start time or before half the duration of the workshop, whichever is earlier.

You’re in good hands!

Avancer Learning Inc has an impeccable record of customer delight and professional practices. Below are some statements from participants of our online workshops.

  • I was very pleased with the amount of content and the fact that we were working through an actual spreadsheet. This was very well done and I would definitely sign up for more!! Thank You
  • I took this webinar mainly for the PD points and was pleasantly surprised to learn a couple of tips and tricks that I didn’t know in building formulas.
  • At times the audio cut out and at time the screens froze. [The Instructor] is an absolutely fantastic presenter !! I would take any course that he would teach!!
  • I was able to get extra tips by just asking 🙂
  • I was very impressed with the instructor. It felt like I was actually in a class with him. His pace was good and he successfully explained everything thoroughly.