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In-house Training

Computers and Communication are the two areas which offer the most potential for improving business effectiveness and capability, while simultaneously serving up infinite opportunity to be innovative, productive and move towards corporate invincibility. Avancer Learning Inc workshops are conducted for Organizations in-house, onsite or offsite at a location of your choice.

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Benefits of working with Avancer Learning Inc

Hands-on Training

All our training courses are conducted as hands-on workshops. Participants work alongside the instructor on supplied data with examples that are taken from real-life.

Applications and not mere software

Our training does not just focus on the software but what you can do with it. We won’t just demonstrate what a Pivot Table is, we will actually use it on Financial data or Sales data and make meaningful reports. We won’t just demonstrate the data-table; we will actually work on performing sensitivity analysis with it.

In good company – check out our clients

Our workshops have perhapsĀ the best instruction and methodology around. Don’t just take our word for itĀ – see what our clients have to say. And these are not lightweight companies; they include some of the world’s leading corporations. government departments and professional bodies. Head over to our clients page to see what they are saying about us – click here.

Outstanding Customer Service

We’re easygoing about everything except deadlines. We’re cool about things in general and most of our clients start off as clients and continue to be friends. Many of our clients will tell you how we go beyond the purchase order to ensure our participants learn what they need to.

Customer Delight

Organizing staff in client organizations who have worked with us have been commended for the great job they did in working with us to organize, customize and deliver these workshops.

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