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Training Methodology

The Avancer Classroom Method

Avancer Learning Inc.’s training model is based on several core ideas around the way adults approach learning and assimilate new concepts – ideas are based on years of conducting classroom training in technical and soft skills.

The Avancer Competition!

Trainers know how important it is for adults to have fun while attending  a training session. Unlike a self-directed learning exercise, classroom training takes people back to a school-like situation. If  facilitator can make the experience enjoyable, it leads to a more involved training experience, receptive mindsets, and collaborative learning.

Avancer Learning Inc’s training method uses a proprietary set of group competition exercises as a learning reinforcement tool that is based on these goals and concepts:

  • Develop a collaborative learning atmosphere within a small group
  • Use group cohesiveness to encourage innovativeness and lateral thinking
  • Build in mechanisms to allow individual brilliance to shine through and be recognized
  • Games and exercises should reinforce learnt concepts