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NEW – Email Productivity – Powerful Outlook Course

Improve Team Productivity – half day advanced course on Outlook techniques

Discover our incredible half-day Outlook workshop that focuses on increasing productivity while working with email and the calendar. This concise and powerful workshop is a hands-on course that takes employees through essential and advanced Outlook techniques that are geared towards managing their inbox effectively, sending and replying to mails easily and tips and tricks to increase productivity with appointments and schedules.

Key Learning Outcomes include:

  1. Managing your Inbox – Powerful tools and techniques – explore powerful methods that are allied to methods in Excel for Inbox Management – Conditional Formatting, Adding Special fields based on Formulas, and other tips and tricks.
  2. Managing your Inbox through Views, and in-cell editing
  3. Techniques for creating and replying to mail – Understanding Quick Parts and Auto Text
  4. Managing incoming and outgoing mail through Rules – understanding the automation of rules in Outlook, creating rules for incoming mail
  5. Exploring Templates – Speed up recurrent mail like monthly reports and bulletins, or recurrent meetings like product and strategy meetings, through templates
  6. Creating Templates and Autoresponders through Rules for Outgoing Mail – VERSION 2013 ONLY
  7. Tips and Tricks with Mail, Tasks and Calendar – Transferring Mail to the Calendar for Appointments, Group Schedules with the Calendar, Managing Time Zones.

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