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In-person Classroom Workshops Resumed!

In-person Classroom Workshops Resumed! June 15, 2022 Avancer Learning is pleased to resume it's in-person classroom training workshops! After 2 long years of long-distance interaction with our clients, we are happy to resume our interactions in person! This brings with it all the hallmarks of the Avancer methodology that you've become used to over the years: Outstanding personal attention to...
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Top 10 Tips from 9 years in the business of Online Training

Top 10 Tips from 9 years in the business of Online Training The current situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is taking it's toll on almost every sector of the economy. When things get finally back to normal, it will be a different, new normal in many ways.  One of these is Online (Virtual Classroom) training. Avancer Learning Inc has been conducting Online Live Training workshops for over...
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Avancer Learning supports Plan International Canada’s Because I am a Girl initiative.

Avancer Learning Inc strives to be a responsible corporate citizen by partnering and contributing to various social and community initiatives. In 2018, Avancer Learning Inc was involved with various well-known charitable organizations through gifts, volunteering, training and more. In 2019, I am pleased to announce that we are continuing our partnership with Canada’s largest girls’ rights chari...
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Examples of Charts and Dashboards

Excel PowerPoint dashboard by a student
I've written this blog post as an addition to our FAQs on our Excel courses. I've recently been asked about some examples of charts that we create during our charts and dashboards class, and I thought it was time we pulled these out of our Excel practice files and put them into a blog post! So here are a few examples but the exact mix will vary from course to course. Also, there are many more e...
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Waterfall Charts / Bridge Charts – new in Excel 2016

UPDATE - October 2016 Our webinar in September 2016 explored how waterfall charts can be created in Excel version 2010 and in version 2016. For those of you who missed that webinar, the recording is available below. We hope you enjoy watching it.   The Waterfall chart or bridge chart has long been a favorite of the financial community and sales/business development community. It is the mo...
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Excel VBA for the Non Programmer

Avancer Learning Inc announces the program dates for "Excel VBA for the Non-programmer". This workshop series is designed to bring VBA within the skill set of most Excel users whether or not there has been any formal prior programming knowledge. The workshop focusses on the most commonly used techniques and routines that should allow regular Excel users to write adequate VBA macros and take their ...
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