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Struggling with Spreadsheets and Data? Get Hands-on with Excel Pivot Tables

An Intermediate Training Course from Avancer Learning

In this information era, we’re all working with large, and often unwieldy data sets. Many of us must extract accurate insights from thousands of cells of data in Excel spreadsheets. And we’re asked to provide these insights quickly, often with short lead times.

With pivot tables, you can summarize and analyze complex data sets with a few mouse clicks. You may have worked with pivot table data or created a basic table using an online tutorial. But just as working out with a trainer makes your visits to the gym more productive, maximizing the analytical muscle of Excel pivot tables requires hands-on personalized training. We’re here to help to you realize the full potential of Excel pivot tables.

Simplifying Excel Pivot Tables

Our ‘Getting Hands-on with Excel Pivot Tables’ course explores the following topics:

  • Understanding how pivot tables work
  • Setting up data sets for pivot table success
  • Overview of pivot table structure and insights into how you can troubleshoot common problems
  • Making pivot tables work for you through formatting, creating multiple levels or tiers, logic-based filtering
  • Exploring pivot table options and tips to create professional reports.

Top 3 Takeaways from Avancer’s Excel Training Course

Avancer’s hands-on training provides you with several important benefits. Here are 3 valuable takeaways from our online training course on pivot tables:

  1. The session allows you to repeatedly practice working with pivot tables.
  2. Using business data provides realistic scenarios for you to tackle.
  3. You’ll have an actual instructor available to answer questions, interact with, and give feedback.

Interactive learning keeps you engaged and more likely to retain what you’ve learned.

Sessions are scheduled for 2 hours with time to address questions and verify understanding. Training is private (no webcams) to enhance interaction with our instructor.

In addition to providing hands-on training, Avancer develops free online resources to address frequently asked questions.

Watch these videos:



Why Training on Pivot Tables is Important

Having the ability to organize and rapidly summarize data sets with Pivot Tables can benefit you professionally and personally.

  • In a work environment, you’ll be able to provide richer analyses and timely, accurate reports. Adding pivot table expertise to your resume increases it’s value to your current employer. You may just become the ‘go-to’ person in your organization to answer questions about pivot tables!
  • Those same skills will also allow you to organize your own investment and household data using pivot tables to help you in your decision making.

Are you ready to put Excel pivot tables to work for you? Our next ‘Getting Hands-on with Excel Pivot Tables’ training is June 7th from 9-11 am EST.

Register here and get ready to maximize the power of data by getting a running start on how to use Excel pivot tables effectively.

Avancer Learning has partnered with Plan International Canada supporting it’s “Because I am a Girl” campaign. Enrolling in one of our courses will empower you with refined skills and empower girls through this outreach initiative. A percentage of all our online training revenue goes to Plan International Canada. 

Examples of Charts and Dashboards

I've written this blog post as an addition to our FAQs on our Excel courses. I've recently been asked about some examples of charts that we create during our charts and dashboards class, and I thought it was time we pulled these out of our Excel practice files and put them into a blog post!

So here are a few examples but the exact mix will vary from course to course. Also, there are many more examples than I have room to display here so these are just some of the hundreds of charts we have worked on:

Waterfall Charts / Bridge Charts – new in Excel 2016

UPDATE – October 2016

Our webinar in September 2016 explored how waterfall charts can be created in Excel version 2010 and in version 2016. For those of you who missed that webinar, the recording is available below. We hope you enjoy watching it.


The Waterfall chart or bridge chart has long been a favorite of the financial community and sales/business development community. It is the most-requwaterfallested chart during our Advanced Charts and Dashboards workshop. Creating a good robust chart template that can be reused often, requires some simple Excel formulas and chart tweaks. The charts pictured alongside were created in Excel version 2010. These are not native to Excel 2010 and are created through the use of the stacked-column chart. Proving that they have their ear to the ground, Microsoft has included the waterfall chart as a built-in chart to Excel version 2016. Now you no longer need to go through all the data manipulation required for a waterfall chart. One word of caution though – to customize your chart you still need to know how to tweak the charts the way you want them.

Don’t have Excel 2016? No problem – head over to our online courses section and take a look at our courses there. Or take a look at the One-day Advanced Charts and Dashboards classroom in-house training here.

New Excel Videos

Oftentimes we get questions about the effectiveness of Excel Training Online vs Classroom. While both methods have their pros and cons, you never really know how it will work for you till you try it. We thought it might help to look at some recordings of earlier online workshops and see what the online training experience is like and so we have uploaded some videos as well as videos of short tips and tricks. We will be adding more videos so bookmark our demo page and check back often. Click here for current videos.

Recording of Vlookup free webinar

Our Webinar on Vlookup was well attended and hopefully some of you were able to catch the recording later. Last week I was at a classroom workshop where I was again reminded of how popular Vlookup remains. Here is the uploaded video on You Tube for those of you who might want to take a look.

A brief look at Vlookup

VLOOKUP slideshare
A familiarization presentation about VLOOKUP on SlideShare

Ok I know that title is a bit corny, but the alternative: “A Brief Look Up at Vlookup” is too much like “A brief history of time” and would end up sounding pretentious! After all we all know Vlookup is not in the same class as astrophysics (but perhaps better known!).

Some of you might have seen the announcement about our free Vlookup familiarization class that sought to clarify what Vlookup is, what it can and what it cannot do. We’ve made the slides available for viewing, if you’d like to take a look, on SlideShare.


Our Outlook course on Udemy.com gets great reviews

Microsoft Outlook – Powerful Hacks for Inbox Efficiency

Beginning with Microsoft Outlook, Avancer Learning Inc courses are soon going to be available in Self-paced learning format. Our course “Powerful Hacks for Inbox Efficiency” is more than just a tips and tricks course. We believe it will be one hour well-spent and add significant efficiencies to the way you handle your mail. Visit our course at Udemy.com 

(Link will open a new window. Please note that Udemy.com is an independant marketplace and is not affiliated to Avancer Learning Inc and not governed by our website terms)

Excel VBA for the Non Programmer

Avancer Learning Inc announces the program dates for “Excel VBA for the Non-programmer”. This workshop series is designed to bring VBA within the skill set of most Excel users whether or not there has been any formal prior programming knowledge. The workshop focusses on the most commonly used techniques and routines that should allow regular Excel users to write adequate VBA macros and take their spreadsheets to the next level.

And like all Avancer Learning Inc’s workshops – it is designed to meet a wide range of skill-sets and follows the same methodology that has made these workshops so well-liked: Hands-on, Instructor-led, Interactive with real-life experience and practical examples.

For more information about the course, learning outcomes, course facilitator, and to register,  Click here to visit the course description page


NEW – Email Productivity – Powerful Outlook Course

Improve Team Productivity – half day advanced course on Outlook techniques

Discover our incredible half-day Outlook workshop that focuses on increasing productivity while working with email and the calendar. This concise and powerful workshop is a hands-on course that takes employees through essential and advanced Outlook techniques that are geared towards managing their inbox effectively, sending and replying to mails easily and tips and tricks to increase productivity with appointments and schedules.

Key Learning Outcomes include:

  1. Managing your Inbox – Powerful tools and techniques – explore powerful methods that are allied to methods in Excel for Inbox Management – Conditional Formatting, Adding Special fields based on Formulas, and other tips and tricks.
  2. Managing your Inbox through Views, and in-cell editing
  3. Techniques for creating and replying to mail – Understanding Quick Parts and Auto Text
  4. Managing incoming and outgoing mail through Rules – understanding the automation of rules in Outlook, creating rules for incoming mail
  5. Exploring Templates – Speed up recurrent mail like monthly reports and bulletins, or recurrent meetings like product and strategy meetings, through templates
  6. Creating Templates and Autoresponders through Rules for Outgoing Mail – VERSION 2013 ONLY
  7. Tips and Tricks with Mail, Tasks and Calendar – Transferring Mail to the Calendar for Appointments, Group Schedules with the Calendar, Managing Time Zones.

For more information on course participation, pricing and other details, click here to Send Enquiry