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Presentation Skills with PowerPoint

Presentation Skills with PowerPoint – Hybrid workshop delivers powerful customer experience

Avancer Learning Inc hybrid Soft-skills and Technology-skills expertise pays off  for clients with this one-day workshop, now fine-tuned over many courses. It is a critical blend of techniques in efficiency, and skills in effectiveness. The course is developed as a completely hands-on workshop which is instructor-led, and takes participants through some highly efficient techniques in creating slide presentations. All the while, overarching principles of information effectiveness are experienced and learned. It has quickly become one of our more popular courses with client organizations as well as with participants.

Salient features:

  • Focus on content creation first and slide deck development last
  • Effective techniques to make slide deck development a question of minutes instead of hours
  • Critical features to ensure Corporate identity guidelines are met
  • Effective introduction of spreadsheet concepts where presentations are data-driven
  • Experiential learning on information concepts to enable a result orientation of a presentation
  • Key result areas of presentations when presenting to senior executive teams
  • Many other concepts, techniques, tips and tricks that can be tailored to customer needs

This workshop is customizable to a great degree and can work with groups of participants from 6 to 16 in one workshop. For more details visit our PowerPoint page here.

If you would like to request a case-study on how this workshop was customized for two large but very different corporate organizations, or if you want more information, Click here to request a copy or send us a message.