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Struggling with Spreadsheets and Data? Get Hands-on with Excel Pivot Tables

An Intermediate Training Course from Avancer Learning

In this information era, we’re all working with large, and often unwieldy data sets. Many of us must extract accurate insights from thousands of cells of data in Excel spreadsheets. And we’re asked to provide these insights quickly, often with short lead times.

With pivot tables, you can summarize and analyze complex data sets with a few mouse clicks. You may have worked with pivot table data or created a basic table using an online tutorial. But just as working out with a trainer makes your visits to the gym more productive, maximizing the analytical muscle of Excel pivot tables requires hands-on personalized training. We’re here to help to you realize the full potential of Excel pivot tables.

Simplifying Excel Pivot Tables

Our ‘Getting Hands-on with Excel Pivot Tables’ course explores the following topics:

  • Understanding how pivot tables work
  • Setting up data sets for pivot table success
  • Overview of pivot table structure and insights into how you can troubleshoot common problems
  • Making pivot tables work for you through formatting, creating multiple levels or tiers, logic-based filtering
  • Exploring pivot table options and tips to create professional reports.

Top 3 Takeaways from Avancer’s Excel Training Course

Avancer’s hands-on training provides you with several important benefits. Here are 3 valuable takeaways from our online training course on pivot tables:

  1. The session allows you to repeatedly practice working with pivot tables.
  2. Using business data provides realistic scenarios for you to tackle.
  3. You’ll have an actual instructor available to answer questions, interact with, and give feedback.

Interactive learning keeps you engaged and more likely to retain what you’ve learned.

Sessions are scheduled for 2 hours with time to address questions and verify understanding. Training is private (no webcams) to enhance interaction with our instructor.

In addition to providing hands-on training, Avancer develops free online resources to address frequently asked questions.

Watch these videos:



Why Training on Pivot Tables is Important

Having the ability to organize and rapidly summarize data sets with Pivot Tables can benefit you professionally and personally.

  • In a work environment, you’ll be able to provide richer analyses and timely, accurate reports. Adding pivot table expertise to your resume increases it’s value to your current employer. You may just become the ‘go-to’ person in your organization to answer questions about pivot tables!
  • Those same skills will also allow you to organize your own investment and household data using pivot tables to help you in your decision making.

Are you ready to put Excel pivot tables to work for you? Our next ‘Getting Hands-on with Excel Pivot Tables’ training is June 7th from 9-11 am EST.

Register here and get ready to maximize the power of data by getting a running start on how to use Excel pivot tables effectively.

Avancer Learning has partnered with Plan International Canada supporting it’s “Because I am a Girl” campaign. Enrolling in one of our courses will empower you with refined skills and empower girls through this outreach initiative. A percentage of all our online training revenue goes to Plan International Canada.