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Waterfall Charts / Bridge Charts – new in Excel 2016

UPDATE – October 2016

Our webinar in September 2016 explored how waterfall charts can be created in Excel version 2010 and in version 2016. For those of you who missed that webinar, the recording is available below. We hope you enjoy watching it.


The Waterfall chart or bridge chart has long been a favorite of the financial community and sales/business development community. It is the most-requwaterfallested chart during our Advanced Charts and Dashboards workshop. Creating a good robust chart template that can be reused often, requires some simple Excel formulas and chart tweaks. The charts pictured alongside were created in Excel version 2010. These are not native to Excel 2010 and are created through the use of the stacked-column chart. Proving that they have their ear to the ground, Microsoft has included the waterfall chart as a built-in chart to Excel version 2016. Now you no longer need to go through all the data manipulation required for a waterfall chart. One word of caution though – to customize your chart you still need to know how to tweak the charts the way you want them.

Don’t have Excel 2016? No problem – head over to our online courses section and take a look at our courses there. Or take a look at the One-day Advanced Charts and Dashboards classroom in-house training here.