• This is a Live Online event where you get to work hands-on with the instructor using supplied data


Microsoft 365 bring enormous power to your fingertips with its range of Dynamic Array functions and the Dynamic Array capability that can be extended to existing legacy functions. If you build spreadsheet models and calculators, or use spreadsheets to analyse substantial amounts of data, then this workshop can potentially be a game changer for you.

  • Briefly revise the concept of range names its role in advanced formulas
  • Introduction to the New Dynamic Arrays in Office 365
  • Learn about Arrays of Constants and their use in Dynamic Array formulas
  • Introduction to new Functions with Dynamic Arrays in Office 365
    • FILTER – use logic statements for dynamic filtering of large data
    • UNIQUE and SORT – create lists from range data with ease
    • VSTACK – Create dynamic stacked datasets for use with other formulas
    • LAMBDA – The function to create your own functions
  • more if time available


Those wishing to increase their proficiency in Microsoft Office with the convenience of taking courses at their own location.


  • Two hour, Live, Instructor-led online webinar workshop with hands-on practice and instruction.
  • Essential requirements are a Computer with broadband internet access, audio headset or speakers and working copy of Microsoft Office 2007 or later.Microsoft Office Starter Edition will not be adequate.
  • Office 365will be used in the demonstration of techniques of this workshop.