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Avancer Learning supports Plan International Canada’s Because I am a Girl initiative.

Avancer Learning Inc strives to be a responsible corporate citizen by partnering and contributing to various social and community initiatives. In 2018, Avancer Learning Inc was involved with various well-known charitable organizations through gifts, volunteering, training and more. In 2019, I am pleased to announce that we are continuing our partnership with Canada’s largest girls’ rights chari...
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New Excel Videos

Oftentimes we get questions about the effectiveness of Excel Training Online vs Classroom. While both methods have their pros and cons, you never really know how it will work for you till you try it. We thought it might help to look at some recordings of earlier online workshops and see what the online training experience is like and so we have uploaded some videos as well as videos of short tips ...
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A brief look at Vlookup

Ok I know that title is a bit corny, but the alternative: "A Brief Look Up at Vlookup" is too much like "A brief history of time" and would end up sounding pretentious! After all we all know Vlookup is not in the same class as astrophysics (but perhaps better known!). Some of you might have seen the announcement about our free Vlookup familiarization class that sought to clarify what Vlooku...
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Our Outlook course on Udemy.com gets great reviews

Beginning with Microsoft Outlook, Avancer Learning Inc courses are soon going to be available in Self-paced learning format. Our course "Powerful Hacks for Inbox Efficiency" is more than just a tips and tricks course. We believe it will be one hour well-spent and add significant efficiencies to the way you handle your mail. Visit our course at Udemy.com  (Link will open a new window. Please...
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Live Online Instructor-led training now open to public

Avancer Learning Inc has expanded its series of online Instructor-led training webinars, launched in February 2013 in Canada. These mini-workshops are conveniently packaged in two hour modules and  participants work hands-on with examples along with the instructor. So you take only those topics that you need to learn. The extended list of topics includes Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint...
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Presentation Skills with PowerPoint

Presentation Skills with PowerPoint - Hybrid workshop delivers powerful customer experience Avancer Learning Inc hybrid Soft-skills and Technology-skills expertise pays off  for clients with this one-day workshop, now fine-tuned over many courses. It is a critical blend of techniques in efficiency, and skills in effectiveness. The course is developed as a completely hands-on workshop which is ins...
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Introducing Hybrid Classroom + Online workshops

Stream your classroom workshop to employees in other locations - Live! Now organizations conducting in-house workshops with us can include employees who are in other locations but unable to travel and attend. If the workshop location is broadband wireless internet enabled, the classroom workshop can be streamed live to your employees in other locations. Attendees at other locations will be able...
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NEW – Email Productivity – Powerful Outlook Course

Improve Team Productivity - half day advanced course on Outlook techniques Discover our incredible half-day Outlook workshop that focuses on increasing productivity while working with email and the calendar. This concise and powerful workshop is a hands-on course that takes employees through essential and advanced Outlook techniques that are geared towards managing their inbox effectively, send...
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Excel VBA for the Non Programmer

Avancer Learning Inc announces the program dates for "Excel VBA for the Non-programmer". This workshop series is designed to bring VBA within the skill set of most Excel users whether or not there has been any formal prior programming knowledge. The workshop focusses on the most commonly used techniques and routines that should allow regular Excel users to write adequate VBA macros and take their ...
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